Unlike a static HTML Internet site where all content is on the actual site pages, any script-driven Internet site collects all its data in a database. A few examples of this kind of Internet sites are a WordPress blog or an OpenCart e-commerce portal - in both cases, product or service listings, rates, blog posts, user responses and so forth are collected in the database and not in the actual script files. The more the information you add, the larger the database gets and if your website hosting plan has some limit for the maximum size a database may have, your site may not work properly once you reach that limit. The consequences can range from not being able to add new information to inadequately working Internet site or even the site displaying nothing but error messages and not being available at all.

MySQL Database Storage in Website Hosting

If you get a Linux website hosting from our company, we shall never restrict the growth of any MySQL-driven website that you host in the account as our plans feature unlimited database space. Even though large databases could influence the performance of a site regardless of the type of hosting, we do not have a limit both for the total space all databases could take and for the total size of 1 database. You can easily run a web-based store with as many products as you would like or a forum without worrying that you may have to delete old posts or limit the amount of registered users you can have. Our Hepsia Internet hosting CP will also allow you to import or export databases inside your account no matter their size. If you face any difficulties with the latter, our tech support is available 24/7 to aid you.

MySQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

You will not have any problems with the size of your MySQL databases in case you have a semi-dedicated server from our company as in contrast to many other companies, we don't run everything on 1 machine. Rather, we work with a cloud platform, so an entire cluster of web servers is dedicated to handling the databases of our clients. When extra power or space is needed, we can easily attach more machines or hard disks to the cluster, so the disk space is virtually infinite. With our services, you can grow your websites or popularize them as much as you would like without having to worry that your MySQL databases shall grow too much. No matter the size of a specific database, you'll be able to export or import it with ease via your web hosting Control Panel.